First annual celebration benefiting FUEL and the launch of the FUEL Fund.

On July 18th on Vineyard Haven’s North Shore, people gathered to celebrate the growth of the FUEL Program. We premiered FUEL’s new film, “Bound Away” about the legacy of the Shenandoah and our goals for the future and Dr. Dan Garvey, President Emeritus of Prescott College and experiential educator, spoke to a captive audience.

“All of our research shows there is nothing more important to change people’s lives than to introduce them to high adventure experiential activities. It’s better than narcotics, it’s better than therapy, it’s better than any school you can send them to.”


“There is something that occurs when people are put in a place where the outcome of their behavior is uncertain, but there is going to be a consequence.”


Photos from the evening

Please contact us if you would like a copy of any of the photos.