“Bob Douglas is a design genius, a savant.”





Length On Deck: 115 ft
Beam: 24 ft
Rig Height: 101 ft
Sail Area: 7,500 Sq ft
Water Capacity: 3,500 gallons
Crew: 11


Length Overall: 169 ft
Length On Waterline: 101'-6"
Draft: 11' -6"
Displacement: 240 tons
Fuel Capacity: 4,500 gallons
Students: 30


Hull Material:  3/8" ABS grade A steel plating on 3/8" x 4" steel frames
Interior Materials: spruce and Honduran mahogany
Main Engine: John Deere 6068AFM @ 355 horsepower, M-4 rating
Propulsion: Hundested controllable pitch propeller
On deck:  galley  |  2 heads  |  workshop |  roundhouse  |  pilot house
Designer: Bob Douglas with Bill Preston, Marine Design Inc.

All interior space will be well ventilated and naturally lit by 15 skylights on deck.


Creating a sailing school program with the highest standards requires a ship of the highest standard. Our school ship was conceptualized by Captain Robert Douglas, Vineyard Haven, MA. His success with the design, construction, and sailing of Shenandoah and the rebuild of Alabama (among many other projects), contributes to Captain Douglas' unequaled authority on sailing ships.

Working with naval architects Sam Howell and Tom Degrémont, Langan Design, every consideration has been given to make our ship the finest example of a safe, strong, seaworthy, self-sufficient, manageable, and comfortable ship. Meeting these requirements allows our learners to experience directly the most important lessons the ocean has to teach. We are beyond excited to tell you her name, but are reserving that knowledge for top tier donors at this time.


100% of your gift goes toward construction of our ship

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