Phase 0 (complete)

Product Development

June 2016 — Nov 2016 | cost: $15,000

Initial team in place, board created, business plan written, promotional video shot & edited, website built, logo designed, market research conducted, early investors identified, funding for phase 1 secured

Phase 1 (complete)

Setting up capital campaign

dec 2016 — may 2018 | cost: $15,000

Office set up, case statement created, company incorporated, tax-exempt non-profit status approved by the state, program curriculum started, supplier sourcing, volunteer staff hired & trained, vessel plans discussed with USCG, social media presence established, newsletter published, university partnerships initiated

Phase 2 (underway)

capital campaign “Build the ship”

June 2018 — dec 2020 | cost: $470,000

Supplier sourcing, plans approved by USCG, shipyard chosen, contracts written, program curriculum completed, corporate sponsorship outreach, board expanded, permanent staff positions created, fundraising events

Phase 3

ship Construction & ENDOWMENT CAMPAIGN

Jan 2021 — june 2023 | cost: $4,500,000  

Ship's hull constructed, sea trials conducted, ship delivered to Vineyard Haven, sails built, ship rigged, USCG certificate of inspection issued, program curriculum approved, endowment created

Phase 4

program operation

begins sept 2023 | income: $25,000/student/semester

14 weeks spent sailing and exploring numerous countries, a full semester of university courses offered aboard, assistance with maritime certifications and licensing provided, annual operating budget met through student tuition.

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Giving Opportunities

The admiral

$1,000,000 & UP

Definition: An admiral ranks above a captain and is in command of not just a ship, but an entire fleet. A gift at this level would be honored in perpetuity by a plaque in the main saloon of our ship and any future ships owned by FUEL.

Naming opportunity: In addition to the ‘Captain,’ ‘Afterguard,’ and ‘Mate’ opportunities listed below, a gift at this level allows the Admiral to choose to name our ship.


$500,000 – $999,999

Definition: A captain is the person in ultimate command of a ship. FUEL is seeking six captains who will be honored in perpetuity by our organization. 

Naming opportunities: In addition to the ‘Afterguard’ and ‘Mate’ opportunities listed below, a gift of $500,000 or higher secures the naming of one of the ship’s two tenders. These are ship’s boats that will be carried onboard and be used to transport people and cargo to and from the ship.


$250,000 – $499,999

Definition: Afterguard are ships officers who are quartered in the stern of a ship. A gift at this level would be honored in perpetuity by FUEL.

Naming opportunities: In addition to the ‘Mate’ opportunities listed below, each gift of $250,000 or higher secures the naming of part of the ship. The fo’c’sle (crew’s quarters), galley (kitchen), workshop, engine room, pilot house, roundhouse, and captain’s stateroom are all currently available. 


$100,000 – $249,999

Definition: The mates on a ship are each in charge of a watch. During their watch they are in command of the ship, overseeing the ship's operation.

Naming opportunities: Each gift of $100,000 or higher secures the naming of one of the ship's 12 staterooms.


$20,000 – $99,999

Definition: A bosun is the most senior ranking position of a non-officer onboard a ship. On sailing ships the bosun is in charge of the maintenance of the rig.

John & Melissa McDonald

able seaman

$5,000 – $19,999

Definition: An able seaman is someone onboard a ship with training who is considered well acquainted with their duties.

Anonymous, The Aubrey Family, Beacon Hill Capital, Jill & Steve Wadley

ordinary seaman

$1,000 – $4,999

Definition: An ordinary seaman is an apprentice onboard a ship with some experience working to become an able seaman.

Anonymous, Anonymous, Black Dog Salvage, Brockton Animal Hospital, Colin Whyte

The above naming opportunities are limited in number and exist on a first come, first serve basis

All of our donors will be invited to the launching of our ship


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